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Plumbing Code

The new York City administrative code and New York City code require components that need to be shown on the plan for review and approval. The documents should provide on the following subsystems:
  • Potable water piping
  • Waste water and sanitary drainage
  • Gas work piping, device and meters
  • Sprinkler and standpipe system
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Plumbing installation that receives water supply from the Waterworks has to comply with the Waterworks requirements under the provision of the Waterworks. Waterworks Standard Requirements for Plumbing Installation in Buildings, and Water Supplies Department Circular Letters issued to Licensed Plumbers and Authorized Persons.  Approval from the Water Authority is required in order to construct, install, alter...
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Sprinkler System

901.1 Scope.The provisions of this chapter shall specify where fire protection systems are required and shall apply to the design, installation and operation of fire...
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Electrical Service Ruling Con Edison Representative will initiate a Case Triage assessment to your job as follows:
  1.  Further review and analysis of the customer/contractor work requests
  2.  In the scenario that further analysis deems the existing electric service is not adequate, Energy Services will issue the necessary work orders to the construction department to excavate and install...
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