NYC Construction Superintendents

  Jobs that require a construction superintendent:

  1. The rule expands the requirement for a construction superintendent to alterations, including alterations of 1-, 2-, and 3-family dwellings, which comprise at least one of the following: o vertical or horizontal enlargement; o alteration or demolition of more than fifty percent (50%) of the floor area; o the removal of one or more floors, or o work that requires a special inspection for underpinning or the protection of sides of excavations. The rule also eliminates overlapping oversight requirements that exist between Chapter 48 and the New York City Construction Codes.
  2. Designation of primary and alternate construction superintendents: The rule requires the permit holder to immediately notify the Department if the primary construction superintendent is permanently replaced. Further, the rule requires the permit holder to notify the Department if an alternate construction superintendent serves in place of the primary construction superintendent for a period of two or more weeks. These processes mirror those applicable to site safety managers and coordinators.
  3. The rule expands upon construction superintendents’ duties by requiring that construction superintendents, among other duties, visit each job site for which they are responsible each day that active work occurs at the site; inspect every area where work is occurring at each job site during each visit in order to verify compliance with the approved construction documents and Chapter 33 of the New York City Building Code; and designate a competent person who is present at the site at all times work occurs.
  4. Log Requirements: While the repealed rule did not contain any log requirements, the new rule requires that construction superintendents maintain a detailed log of work that occurs at each job site for which they are responsible. The rule details the items construction superintendents must record in this log. This ensures that construction superintendents are actively involved in the work occurring at each job site.

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