Services Overview

  • Escavation & Foundation work

    What are the dangers of trenching and excavation operations? Trenching and excavation work presents serious hazards to all workers involved. Cave-ins pose the greatest risk and are more likely than some other excavation-related incidents to result in worker fatalities. One cubic yard of soil can weigh as much as a car. An unprotected trench can...

  • Curtain Glass Wall & Windows

    Historic windows differ from contemporary ones in fundamental ways. One is their relationship to the wall plane of the building. Historic windows are often inset into relatively deep openings or reveals. Second, they have surrounding casings and sash components with substantial and complex profiles which cast shadows. These shadows then create even more complex patterns...

  • Structural Steel work

    Structural Steel Materials Material Test reports or reports of tests made by the fabricator or a testing laboratory shall constitute sufficient evidence of conformity with one of the ASTM standards listed in Section A3.1a. For hot-rolled structural shapes, plates, and bars, such tests shall be made in accordance with ASTM A6/A6M; for sheets, such tests...

  • Architectural Wood work

    Our urethane millwork line is made up of both standard industry designs as well as our own unique products. Each item begins with a finely crafted original master, which is then used to make several moulds. Ensuring only the highest quality products, each mould is consistently maintained and then immediately replaced if they show even...

  • Stone & Tile Work

    Surfaces must be structurally sound. Remove all grease, oil, dirt, curing compounds, sealers, adhesives or any other contaminant that would prevent a good bond. Glossy or painted surfaces must be sanded, or abraded, and stripped of all contaminants. Concrete must be cured 28 days and accept water penetration. Concrete must be free of efflorescence and...

  • Design & Art. Paint work

    A design research is carried out in order to find out how to carry out the project. It also ensured the best results are obtained at the end due to in depth research, improvisions and discoveries will be included in the final design of the guest house. The research methods used included the use of...

Services List

  • Masonry Work
  • Wood Work
  • Stucco Work
  • Drywall & Carpentry Work
  • H.V.A.C. Work
  • Roof Work
  • Deck & Porch Work
  • Stone Pavers Work
  • Rough Framing
  • Iron Work
  • Milwork
  • Glass work
  • Facade Restoration & Repointing
  • Renovation & Remodeling
  • Demolition
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Expediters
  • Construction Management

Our Methods

  • NYC Construction Superintendents

      Jobs that require a construction superintendent: The rule expands the requirement for a construction superintendent to alterations, including alterations of 1-, 2-, and 3-family dwellings, which comprise at least one of the following: o vertical or horizontal enlargement; o alteration or demolition of more than fifty percent (50%) of the floor area; o the...

  • Construction Management

    The purpose of this Construction Management Plan is to establish uniform policies and procedures that will be used by construction management personnel in to implement technical and administrative tasks for contracts making up the City of New Yrok, Department of Public Works (DPW) program. This management plan is a guidance document and is intended to...