Design & Art. Paint work

A design research is carried out in order to find out how to carry out the project. It also ensured the best results are obtained at the end due to in depth research, improvisions and discoveries will be included in the final design of the guest house. The research methods used included the use of qualitative methods using one on one interviews, group interviews, and interviewer‘s notes taken during interview, photographs, the use of measurements taken and general site analysis. The data is analyzed to define the problems and create solutions for them. Furniture, Interior design, Landscaping, Exhibition and Displays are considered when designing the guest house spaces. The researcher also aimed at the creation of furniture that is custom made to its purpose. Exhibition and display is also important in that the researcher gets to showcase information, decorations and any other needed items for display by the guest house. The general interior designed is considered and the various materials such as those used in lighting, flooring, window treatment, ceiling treatment, wall paint and installations, door treatments, water systems etc. The materials, methods and technologies used ensure that the best results are achieved. The landscape is a vital part of the design because it offers the researcher an opportunity to extend the feel of good design to outside spaces. The researcher considers the activities of the exterior space and creates a space that most suitable and pleasing to the users.

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