Architectural Wood work

Our urethane millwork line is made up of both standard industry designs as well as our own unique products. Each item begins with a finely crafted original master, which is then used to make several moulds. Ensuring only the highest quality products, each mould is consistently maintained and then immediately replaced if they show even the slightest signs of wear. This gives us the ability to guarantee that the detail of every product we create is as clean and crisp as the first. Urethane products are created by first spraying the inside of the mould with a barrier coat of primer. Liquid urethane is then poured into the mould, which is quickly shut and sealed. The urethane expands, hardens, and fuses with the coat of primer. The mould is then unlocked and opened, revealing a perfect duplicate of the original product, complete with a finished coat of primer


Our line of Premier Wood Architectural Columns are some of the most well-respected architectural products in the industry. With the reputation of excellent craftsmanship, precision wood turning, and the flexibility to manufacture any custom column design, Premier Wood Architectural Columns differentiate themselves as the finest columns available. Although Premier Wood Architectural Columns are most commonly manufactured according to the true architectural proportions of the Greek Doric, Tuscan, Roman Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders, we have the flexibility of creating a custom column with any dimensions that you may require. This ensures you the perfect column for your project.

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